Chad Michael Meharry



Chad Meharry

Online business is what I do,

Helping truck drivers live life on their terms is who I am



I started my truck driving career six years ago After eight years of scraping by on a school bus driver income " It's amazing what a person can get used to." I went OTR and was able to save some money due to my low expense lifestyle and increased income. For a year I was an owner operator, hauling campers and cars with a hot shot rig$$. I lost 10,000 dollars that year and found myself broke once again:( I then decided to become a company man for life, thinking this is as good as I can do since I enjoy travel and the money was "good". Recently I realized that I needed a more productive outlet for my down time and decided that online business was a great fit because it could be done anywhere, at any time, and had the potential to be very profitable.

If your a driver wanting to free up more of your time by growing a digital business from your truck you can get a hold of me through email provided below. Be safe and have an awesome day!!

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(772) 879-5319

6300 N Whickham Rd. box 426 Melbourne FL, 32940

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